FAQ about Flute Lessons:

How much are flute lessons?

WEEKLY, SCHOOL YEAR lesson payments are divided into 10 equal monthly payments for the Fall/Winter/Spring Session.  SUMMER LESSON payments are divided into 2 equal payments.

  • Beginner (0-2 years) 30 minutes – $80/month (Sept – May)
  • Intermediate (2+ years) 45 minutes – $120/month (Sept – May)
  • Advanced (by request or teacher recommendation) 60 minutes – $160/month (Sept-May)
  • SUMMER LESSONS – Fees vary each year based on the number of weeks in the summer.  Two payment options available.  Summer information available in April.

I think private lessons are a very important part of learning an instrument and enjoying it.   I try to keep rates affordable so that it is accessible to many people.  I know kids are involved in a lot activities and the cost can add up.  I hope that by keeping my rates reasonable more students will be able to benefit from my expertise and all The Flute Studio has to offer!

AUDITION PREPARATION LESSONS – For advanced High School and College students that are not currently enrolled in The Flute Studio, Mrs. McGough offers audition preparation lessons, a la carte.   Single, 1 to 2 hour lessons can be scheduled for $60/hour. 

Where is The Flute Studio located?

The Flute Studio is convieniently located in Bethel Park – less than 5 minutes from South Hills Village Mall, Upper St Clair and Peters Township.

What do I need for my first lesson?

Your flute!  If you have music from school or previous teachers that you would like to bring to start, please do.  I have my own set of warm ups and activities to get us started, but I also love to hear something that you have prepared and are comfortable playing to demonstrate your skills.  We usually choose music in the first 2 weeks of lessons.  When we choose music I recommend music that will both challenge you and keep you interested – if you don’t like it we generally don’t play it (although scales are a neccessary part of life!!)  I want lessons and your flute to be fun! 

When can I get started?

Please fill out the contact form to inquire about a trial lesson and current studio availability.