Why private lessons?

Why should students take private lessons?

Well, there are many different reasons, but I think the biggest is the personal attention each student receives.  A private lesson is dedicated to your child and your child only.  I can spend time working on the skills each child needs to improve.  With beginners or students struggling to keep up in school I can take the time to explain everything, reinforcing their skills.  For advanced students I can take them way beyond the notes into true artistry.  For students lacking inspiration I can create a lesson with music they want to play to make it fun.  I love lighting the way for new students, seeing advanced students blossom into true musicians and inspiring those that just need to be inspired.  This is what makes teaching rewarding for me.


Why study with Mrs. McGough?

I have spent most of my life in love with the flute.  I started playing when I was eight years old and I have never looked back.  Many years later, I went toCarnegieMellonUniversityto study with Jeanne Baxtresser, widely considered the best flute teacher in the world.  As an undergraduate student at CMU I was a flute performance major, studying only the flute.  I then moved toNew York Cityto attend the Masters program at the Manhattan School of Music.  Through many years of study and performance I have worked with some of the finest musicians in the world.  I teach with the enthusiasm and skills that my many amazing teachers have passed on to me.  I have studied both the American and French styles of playing.  In what is considered a “flute family” I have a direct line to the forefathers of both the French and American schools of playing; Julius Baker, William Kincaid, Marcel Moyse, Paul Taffanel and Georges Barrere.  All of my students are then a part of this family of flutists.  Through teaching I am able to share the legacy that these flutists have passed down to us.


To learn more about the benefits of music and music education in your child’s life I highly recommend reading some of the literature on the MENC (Music Educators National Convention) website http://www.menc.org/resources/view/why-music-education-2007

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