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College Audition Preparation

Auditioning for music schools?  Be prepared with comprehensive lessons designed to help you get into the school of your dreams!

Julie McGough is proud to offer comprehensive training for flutists interested in applying for college music programs.  She is one of the founding members of The Consummate Flutist College Audition Program at Carnegie Mellon University and has been preparing flutists for college auditions for over 15 years.  Her students have been accepted to major universities and conservatories for FLUTE PERFORMANCE and MUSIC EDUCATION, as well as dual degree programs and music minors.

The Flute Studio Pittsburgh College Audition Preparation Program includes:

  • weekly 90 minute lessons

  • parent/teacher/student meetings to discuss college selection, portfolio requirements, audition requirements, pre-screening recordings, and a plan of action for success

  • recommendation letters

  • college selection advice

  • audition preparation for both pre-screening recordings and live auditions

  • help with scheduling pre-screening recordings and accompanists as necessary

This process usually begins in junior year, but students can also enter the program at any time during high school.  The earlier we begin discussing the option of pursuing music in college, the better we can prepare and discuss steps to take and activities that will help make you a better candidate for a college music program.  

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